Add robberies, Etc Money, dealers to the city

It would be a good idea to make the city more interesting and make criminals rob stores, banks.

It would also be a good idea to add money because with money Criminals can buy things to dealers to buy better weapons.

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Remember that Stateview is not Jailbreak this would remove the fun in Stateview


I have to agree with @OfficialToast.

Duplicate feature request


Firstly, this concept is used in every prison game there is tbh, so there is not really much point for SV to add it, as it would just make the game an everyday generic type of game. Secondly, a lot of mobile users play SVP, and many players with bad wifi/signal. Adding all that into the city, which already makes many users laggy, would create so many issues for some users. Thirdly, the point of being a criminal is to raid the prison, free other inmates, have fun and roleplay. If SV were to add things to the city, that would mean police officers also would have to venture to the city, meaning the chances of inmates escaping higher as lack of staff in the prison facility would lead to unprotected inmates and open doors, easy escapes and less roleplay between guards and the prisoners during the prison experience.

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Why did theu even add the city if it just lags mobile users? They haven’t done anything with it. (I think)