Add robbery and money to buy guns and most wanted

i think it would be a good idea to create robbery i mean criminals only riot prison how about something new and make like a wanted list so the cops can chase them outside of the prison


This is a prison not a cop thing, we don’t need it to be like ER:LC thats why you can’t do anything at the city.

Currency system is already coming.

To be honest a wanted list would be a good idea and you get money if you arrest or kill a more wanted criminal.

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The wanted system is a good idea but about the robbery, I think it’s isn’t a good idea cuz it’s PRISON roleplay not jailbreak

The only problem I see is that this is mainly an RP game, and would ruin the purpose if we become cops patrolling.

I can agree and disagree because we want a prison game it has to be about the prison mainly + the devs would have to make new GUIs and news systems for it all to go together I can agree slightly but strongly disagree

Sv is not jail break or mad siti

This is a prison game, not a game where criminals escape and go around robbing stores. Criminals should be actively attacking the prison, not other buildings in the city. It makes the game boring for other officers on the correctional team. Even though ERT+ do have cars in game, it will be inadequate for them to leave the prison to catch criminals at different locations.