Add shift lock button

You could make a button to toggle shift lock. The keybind doesn’t necessarily need to be shift you could make the keybind like L , J, O etc. It is better to have shift lock then not having anything. Although first person IS shift lock, it is not that convenient cause u need to scroll and you can only see the front, unlike shift lock it can be first person and third person at the same time.


Back then you could shiftlock with Rshift. It got removed but no diea why. I think because you could kinda glitch your cam inside the walls but thats a roblox bug so its kinda unfixible.

For god’s sake, yes add it back!
It’s so akward without Shift Lock. Faces are more annoying, standing on the hosting line is more annoying, walking in any specific way is more annoying…

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Not glitch the cams inside the walls just literally glitch through the wall

And yes that too, it is annoying as we need to see the radio to know the faces, some people will not do that and it is annoying as we can’t see the chat cause of the sea of people and the spinning for control face.

What do you mean? I just said that, didnt I?

i thought you mmean just the screen glitch

Shift lock is back in stateview!