Add Shootguns on V2

Shootguns were on V1,why not on V2 too?Police will get a SPAS or a Mossenberg,(free dev election) and police team may got it going to the gun table.Criminals could get one also going to the same table getting M1A14 and Shootgun.
Tell me whats your opinion.


Its a good idea, but people will abuse it, I think that shotguns should be PI+


They have outdated models and where left behind due to it. There is also to much crosfire.

I think shotgun should be only for PI+ because it will one shot in close range , and probably CO+ will abuse it to other inmates. But , it is a great suggestion tho!

If they do add this, friendly fire must be disabled for crossfire otherwise the SR will be mad with people shooting the host.

Maybe they should add shotguns but with a different type of ammo, In real life they would usually use rubber balls during riots, if there were a group of prisoners rioting at the door during showers, and they won’t move, I see people, even PI, use their gun to kill them to get them away. With the rubber ball shotgun they would be able to shoot it and stun every prisoner that gets hit by it for a few second. Instead of a shotgun it could be a auto weapon as how sometimes SWAT uses.


pugsforeveryeet, Deputy Warden.