Add some guidelines or rules for the roleplay, let me explain

Add some guidelines for roleplay. This means, not rules like “no spamming”, “no random killing”, “no random cuffing”, etc., no. This means rules similar to those on board in spawns. There would be a very detailed description of what to do during lockdowns, I mean what to do during every status, termination criteria (so like when you can kill an inmate), handcuffs criteria (so when you can cuff someone), who is eligible for solitary/maximum security, what to do with solitary/maximum security inmates during each status, who can put someone to solitary/maximum security, where you can warn someone, and much more. I remember I was reading some guidelines like this when V2 didn’t even exist, but I couldn’t find them now.

This would be a really good idea, I should make it come in the form of a GUI

Yea, also a way. But there should be also a document with this so players that are not playing currently are able to read it. And, in for example google docs, I think it would be easy to write.

Yea, I’ve actually been planning to make such a document, i already gathered some info about less known rules like alt account. But im also busy editing the Stateview fandom.

There already is one at spawn.

Read this: 2020 Game Offences - Staff Information / Regulations - Stateview Forums (

Well a lot of rules aren’t there

I made a seperate topic for this.

Not enough at all. I meant exact rules like when you can kill someone, when you can put someone to solitary or max security, when can you activate lockdown, etc.

There already is one at spawn.