Add tags for admins and patreons

It would be cool if you added tags for admins in game and patreons. I feel like CP+ should have a tag saying “MOD” and CAC+ Should have one saying “ADMIN” and should have golden text. Patreons should have a tag saying “SUPPORTER”. This would be cool and help with moderation and not getting votekicked for no reason. Also admins should be able to turn the tag of by saying /tag or /hide , etc. Example of admin tag and text.

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CAC+ already have a command for this.

The adminduty command means that the user is online as an admin, rather than a prison officer. They get detective accessories, and a tag with ADMINISTRATOR above your head.

I don’t recommend creating an alternative command for CP, as they are starter admin.

Maybe a modduty command for FD?

Capes, every admin and CP+ can get a cape.

Anyone can get a cape


How about boosters and patrons. And tags and golden text is still more intimidating/recognizable