Add teaching off the New Life Rule to list of rules as sessions!

I think they should make a the New Life Rule more tought at events firstly so people don’t break rules at the evn but also so they can bring them with them when they are just patrolling normally. Officers need to understand that when you kill or arrest people you forget that they have a gun or they killed you. Also make punishments for breaking NLR more servere.



Must people don’t know of the new life rule.

I can’t agree more


They should add that.


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I agree 100%. I have only recently started noticing that PI- Are breaking New life rule severely. They all seem so shocked when i explain it to them, we need this to be thought in trainings, Maybe the helpers have a choice to mention this during scenarios.

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sorry but i didnt get it, what does mean “new life rule”? i didnt heard before this. Is it an new update for rules?

No, it means that if you get killed/arrest cops should treat you like someone who joined for the first time

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oh i get it now, thanks for reply