Add tear gas. Helps with riot

It would be interesting if there was tear gas In the game. It would show a puff of white smoke. It would be useful with riot control. And if the guards need to get in like showers they can throw it. Then they can get in.

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That would be so unrealistic and not a good idea in my opinion for two reasons.

  1. No one throws tear gas inside (because then they will gas themselves).

  2. Would be heavily abused by COs (because 90 percent of COs abuse).

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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I think that would almost break Roblox’s ToS.

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Then it is only available for PI+

That’s a horrible idea. Not only would the gas be out of control, and it’s unrealistic, but also it would be too overpowered. Also the halls are really cramped anyways.

Then why is there a flashbang in some game’s?

Because those games are usually FPS games.

There’s no difference if it’s a fps game or not, flash bangs are allowed in all games.

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