Add teargad, riot control gear

A lot times stateview prison get criminal riot, prisonner riot but we cant stop them,i thimk should add some riot control equipment and armored warden,armored commander, armored Correctional officer armored ERT etc… Outfit,and we need some low firearms weapons can used for control riot, teargas can stop them rioting and make they harder to rioting, and need a baton, riot shield,door auto close system,add in city has police department can in riot time send armored van with riot control unit

No, and for the last time, this game is a ROLEPLAY game, not a warzone, go play d day or phantom forces if you want a warzone :roll_eyes:

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In 100% this roblox prison alway guard cant take over. Prison cant take back

This isn’t a war game, and getting control back over the prison happens within 5 minutes most of the time

If you have good aim first kill evry crim except one, taze him and boom one less, do that with all (usally takes about 5 mins) and the riot is over. I dont see the need in it.

We have riot protocol trainings to teach people how to stop riots. This isn’t necessary and its complete over kill compared to the criminals tech.

This is why I think this update would be a very bad idea
.First of all, It is a role-play game, Not a warzone or COD (Call Of duty)
.Secondly Adding certain armour to the ERT, Commander, Prison Inspectors,Deputy Wardens etc- Would be useless I’m happy with the armoured vests that we have now

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Tbh i agreed to this guy I got to 2 Raids and what i discovered is that sometimes some servers lack staff members and mass prisoners use it to raid the prison and we getting overwhelming