Add the button cuffs like pressing: If you want to arrest someone, press F to arrest

l’m here to request to add this Feature in the game cause it will help cuff faster like arrest(Press F) and frisks(Press T) or release( Press C). Not like clicking it cause it very slow and when you cuff 1 criminal but there 1 to the left, than you die very fast and other criminal you cuff will be free. About the mobile player, l think you should not remove the click one just let it stay but it will be better if someone on the PC. [Depend if you want to change the keybind when you adding to this]


A good idea actually, it helps a ton and it will be much easier to arrest/frisk/release.
Please add this.

#Searchbar and yes, that would be really nice.

Use the search bar before making topica

Wow… Did someone make this topic?

Yes someone already made a topic about this

Ok then. Should l remove it or let it stay since someone already make this topic.

It can stay, it was just a reminder that there are many of these requests so be sure to search if theres another topic about this before.

You could just say your normal thing #USESEARCHBAR