Add the missing colon in #shift-logs pinned format


As you can see, there’s no ‘:’ next to “Supervisor Username”.
This is a huge problem in Stateview. Thousands of CPs get demoted every minute because they didn’t add the colon, which isn’t even in the format. Stateview is dying and CPs are becoming an endangered species. [spoiler]#saveStateview[/spoiler]

Wdym by endangered?


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I understand many CP’s are getting demoted, but I see it logical. There are many inactive ones.

Youre right, I nearly got demoted for that. #saveStateview

You know this is a joke, right? Its a request to add the dots ( : ) next to “Supervisor username”. It was the joke that people get demoted for incorrect format.

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stateview has told everyone to use grammar and the basic format doesn’t have grammar it’s said :slightly_frowning_face: