Add the rank “Chief Superintendent”

Dec ‘27 2023.
I think that SV should add Chief Superintendent as it differs the active, loyal and professional SIs from the inactive, pay to win SIs.
Special perks for Chief Superintendents should only be the right to spectate in shifts and be able to cuff lower ranks and suspend them for 5 minutes.
I think the requirement to claim the rank is to reach level 110 and answer a quiz with 90% accuracy on the quiz.


I think not as Superintendents will not like this at all. If this were to be added, promote most superintendents that actually do something to get CP and that co-hosted and helped at least one time and got lots of HW.

I don’t think you get what I mean.

This rank is mainly to distinguish the older and much more senior SIs from the other SIs while the same promo wave or generation of the SIs that the senior SIs are from were promoted to CP or above. This rank would also be used to not just distinguish but also benefit the community in telling which certain SIs are experienced and professional enough that were just unfortunate enough to be promoted to the CP rank. I would think that if this rank existed, it would also be the rank that if a CP+ resigns.

The rank is rather a form of identification amongst the ‘SI’ rank.

Exyg17 - SI.

Well, they could rather promote the hard working Superintendents to CP or promote them to CSI, remove their cooldown and keep their stats so they can rank up. CSI could be achieved by working hard as an SI for about just one month and be noticed by any FD+. It would not be hard to get this rank and only the “pay to win” and low knowledge Superintendents will not get promoted and have no chance of CP. Any SI that has been SI for about one month and have already helped in trainings and co-hosted shifts a well as gotten HW could get a free promo to CSI and not have cooldown as well as keeping their original stats from SI. Having CSI would also boost your chances of Getting CP. Giving some other perks you stated would also be good.

Hmm… But if it is FD+, biased FDs would just promote a level 50 less experienced SI to CSI.
Btw, I think the rank code should be called ChSI.

Maybe a level requirement to even be considered a promotion to ChSI.

Not really. I got SI as level 37 and I was already quite experienced. FD+ to notice since FD can be tested for a chance of later promos. But the rank ChSI won’t even be really a rank, as you said, it would distinguish which SIs would be able to get CP.

I have a better idea. FD+ with CHR

No, not really. Even CAC without CHR/EHR/OC/anything else that grants spec perms can’t spectate a shift, so why should a MR rank be able to do so? And for the requirements, you could just play the game and farm tasks or if they wanted to break Stateview’s rules (do NOT do this), they could just AFK farm. For the quiz, the answers would obviously be leaked and every single CSI would have spec perms and staff cuffs. Speaking of staff cuffs, that would be heavily abused and even if someone modcalled on the abuser, all the CSI would have to do is just cuff and fire whoever was dealing with the modcall. Not like CSI would even benefit Stateview anyway since most SI’s dont rank buy and the rank would probably just make getting CP harder.

Signed, dollypoo123alt2.

Yes, the best thing to do is just not add Chief Superintendent.

I am an SI but I got it through sessions and I’m level 51 and quite experienced - it should be where by being active in sessions and participating as well as Co hosting then one of the supervisors can nominate you for it and randomly you get viewed and if you do well you get it. That would make it work well.

Just a notice that when I mean by experience, I mean your time as SI which your levels could sometimes signify because the more time you play, the higher level .you you be. But the levels won’t be the case as you could buy levels. Getting it through sessions is the classic and the most optimum way of getting SI but when I’m talking amount of experience, I’m stating the amount of time you have been SI active.

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Just an addition to this request page, the SV community polls to add the rank is currently 1011 in favour and 354 against it.

That’s because most of them are random members :man_facepalming: Ask discord chat if you wanna ask us.

Btw, you avoided my points against CSI as well…

Well, see for yourself. There is no way that your going to avoid the rank when the vote is like around 1000 in favour and 350 against it.

I’m on holiday in China and I don’t have VPN.

Btw, what rank and level are you? This is probably just to give people like you more power…

CSI Will be good i think it provides more challenge to get into higher ranks

Hello, this is extremely stupid.

Thank you.

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