Add Vans with a cage for the police so you have to transport Criminals to the prison instead of just arresting them

Like this but Stateview Logo [police transport van - Bing images](https://Police transport van)


Could you add more, like do you need a “driver” to drive it?

Yeah, being a driver could be a job/team. This is a good idea.


Yes I thought it was good. I think its a really good idea for stateview to add.


It would be a very good idea however if there isn’t anyone who wants to do it in the server it could possibly cause a problem for staff to arrest criminals. Or maybe some kind of AI van that goes from place to place itself. However it would still be fun for real players to do it.

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Stop reviving posts I’ve told you this like a billion times

Jerry judt saying but this is a paradox. On one hand youre saying use searchbar and use already existing topics if you like an idea but on the other hand youre also saying ppl shouldnt revive dead posts. Seems odd to me

No it’s not a paradox
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He did have a reason because he likes the topic creating a paradox in your statements. Also thatd a whole different topic and isnt related to this one

Ok jonah I give up

But for this uh there’s already a game that has that
Whenever a prisoner doesn’t show up to roll call a LD starts and backup (with a van) is called in

That would he hella cool for FRP they were so fun and funny