Add Vote kick back

Some abusers can stop, when someone from administration joined and administration will simply ban who reported player so yeah add vote kick back


excuse me, what? i cant understand a word, mind explaining it again?


Modcalls are in use now, like 3 Game Admins will join and help you out, Adding VK back would once again, cause VKA and arguments. Modcalls are better.

skoseck, Facility Director, Events Team, Appeals Staff.

This is not a good idea, Vote kicking has so much abuse to it and that is the reason why they have been replaced with mod calls.

Skoseck, the good old days of banning people for VKA, ahhhhhhh

I remember those days :cry:


Is vote kick deleted?


Votekick has been replaced with Modcalls

Yea, Mod Calls work so much better!

no no no i dont like vk system

mod call system is so cool and better

But is take long,to find a lazy ■■■ mod

We can just type in modcalls because i don’t have microphone?

No fur, we love vk system, much fun to ban people for VKA

Sorry for stupid questions, but how to use modcall?

You could’ve just made a new topic in #community-support but okay. To use modcall you just have to say “!modcall” in chat; not sure if you have to say anything else after though because I personally never used modcall.

Thank you. I asked, because I didn’t knew, what to do, when on serwer Are abusers.

:+1:, next time if you need anything or have a question you can make a new topic in #community-support!

Ok, again big thanks to you and bezy time I will do new topic

just wanted to say I agree with some people here modcall kinda sucks