Add VoteKick for SI+

For ease, we will VoteKick as VK.
As we know. you can get SI by training, so that means they shoud know basic rules
I suggest to add start VK for SI+ and DW+ acces to vote
Often there is many trolls as new members that runing all roleplay and expirience. You need wait too much for modcall and for that moent those trolls just arleady left and never back, but arleady ruined all they can. I dont think new players or other players like to play as inmate when som cadet just instant kill you on spawn and you can only rejoin, but there is more than 1 troll really. Sometimes too much. If you want add something to y idea - comment. If you support my idea, please like for SHR notice that. #WENEEDVK

i see where you’re coming from, but this would just make an even bigger issue

  1. votekick will DEFINETLY be abused
  2. SI is not even HR yet so i do not think they should have the capability to kick other people from the server
  3. modcall isn’t the only way of reporting rule breakers, you can head over to the intel server to report them
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Any way you should wait too much