Add weapons custimization and tear gas,grenade,flashbang

Stateview should add weapons custimization, like a M4A1 with red dot sight and a grip so that the weapons would be cool. they could add grenades,tear gas,smoke grenades and flashbangs, helmets and gas masks.

About the M4A1, that can be used. For grenades. tear gas, I am not sure if Roblox ToS even allows that. But overall, this is a nice suggestion.

@coolgaming_617, CP

I see what you mean with the M4A1, but being able to custimize your weapon is not realitic(at least from what I heard) weapons used in a prison or any official facility is issued to the officers and no custimization and modifications can be made, this implies that the officer will have to use the weapon at the state that it is issued to the officer, and the officer is not allowed to custimize or modify the weapon in anyway, shape, or form. For the grenades, I will have to agree with coolgaming that I think the roblox ToS doesn’t allow it.

@Kittiphon, Warden

I think it can be a nice sugestion because usually in real life prison they some time use those weapons to control riots so i think it can make the game more relistic.