Adding a rule about Cuff Rushing

I am adding this so y’all understand the problems.

There are cuff abusers, which are putting people through the walls.

There are cuff rushers. Which is just pure annoying

Please consider adding a rule about Cuff Rushing, so people understand and start making the game a little more fun.

They fixed that cuff abusers cant cuff people and putting them through the walls.

Or you can screenshot it and swap teams or rejoin and report it to HR.

Or vote kick.

But I do agree with you tho.

No, you still can. But now its harder.

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Well, you cant stop cuff rushing as it simply is not a rule in stateview. Cuff abusers, try to report them/votekick and the people through wall glitch is patched.

And that’s why there’s wardens and deputy wardens and admins on.