Adding a Safe Zone for Staff

Adding a Staff safe Zone such as A Bunker is a good idea because when lack of Staff and lots of Prisoners get out they will be going mass spawn killing so we need a Safe zone for the sakes of the Staff


Lol I kinda agree but not a bunker bc it’s pretty unrealistic everyone being dead and respawning and coming back from the dead-

Check my patrol log and look at the Picture

Well I think more there should be a room that only people on the guard team can go in.
And the criminals/inmates can’t enter.
That way there is also less spawnkilling.
And some safety.

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Ya like a door that can be access by a guard keycard, while the criminal base aka the trash bin. I mean next to the trash bin, can have a actual base that have a door that can be access by criminals that have a criminal keycard/door.

Read the rules. It is against the rules to spawn kill.

It’s gonna be a Rick roll isn’t it.

No, it is not a rickroll it is actually rules.

No, it is not rules it is actually a rickroll.

BRUH rick rolled ,why you bully meh.;-;

And since when has that stopped spawn killers?

Let me answer NEVER it NEVER has and will NEVER will. Unless there is a safe zone barrier like the session room when inmate and crims cannot enter.