Adding officer grade

A suggestion. I think there should be an officer grade. With ERT- as “Recruit”, COMM-DW as “Junior Officer”, W-FD as “Senior Officer” and CAC+ as “Commandant”. That way, everyone can have a basic idea of chain-in-command.

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I don’t think ERT should be given the Junior Officer rank. You only start to hold authority from COMM, not ERT. CO-ERT should be called Recruits because they are fairly new and learning about that game. And from COMM to DW, you have partial authority but you are extremely dependant on W+ orders. Thats why COMM-DW should be called Junior Officer or Petty Officer, as they have the authority but they act more like supervisor and less like commanders.

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There’s already something like that:

LR - MO - DW
MR - W
HR - CP - FD
HR+ - CAC - PC

MR = PI - W
SHR = PC - BoG
Leadership Team = CoS - CWOTB/CMOTB

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Isnt CAC - PC HR+ and AC - BoG SHR?

HR+ is only called in the admin system to give them some more admin commands, but PC has SHR admin

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