Adding riot helmets, or SWAT Helmets and mask, new guns

Adding Riot Helmet or SWAT Helmets and Mask is probably useful, plus adding some goggles for ERT+. It’s likely a Tactical Helmet. Without the goggles, try Tactical HCP-65 Helmet. Also add a M95 Sniper so for DW+ to prevent abuse, also the DW+ that want to go to the tower and use the sniper to eliminate the criminal, it would be great to add it. Also, when possible, the ERT+ can arrest the criminal as possible, the sniper team wouldn’t engage. And please make the Tactical HCP-65 Helmet, and the bullet-proof vest make it functional, it takes 3 hits to make a ERT’s+ health decrease. Try also adding HK-416 for ERT+ members. That’s all my idea.


I think a sniper can be for DW+


Great idea. To prevent abuse. I’ll edit it.


Good idea. I like it. :smiley: But maybe the vest could be something like a repair? So maybe your vest gets hit two times. Then you kill the crim. You would then need to go to your spawn and repair it. It takes 30 seconds. Damage saves.


Agreed but maybe 15 seconds is better. We dont want to bore the players.


Yeah. Agreed. 30 seconds is kind of long.

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Maybe add back the Mooseburg or whatever it’s called from V1. The one that’s like a sniper.


and there is sometthing for a prison inspector

I tottaly agree Im ERT and I need some special things

That would be cool and good for ERT+ since they are more combative than CO, CO makes sure prisoners are following the prison rules and medical is for medical purposes, they have a glock for self defense purpose and ERT+ is mostly for combat.

The prison isn’t supposed to be a warzone. ERT already has a riot shield and M4A1, we do not want actual wars inside of the prison, as this would be anything but realistic.

I like it too but that would maybe have some abuse. The reason is a lot of people like to just shoot inmates for no reason and if we ban them then the staff number would go down to like 20 men. Maybe only add it for like MR+ (MR=PI+) I like the idea but there are some problems with it.

Ye a sniper can be for me because im Dw!

No idea why any member of staff in a prison ERT team would be wearing a helmet designed for helicopter crew members/pilots.

This would defeat the purpose of the extra health gamepass.

There is no need for this gun to be modeled and scripted since there is already an M4 for them. They are basically the same weapon system anyway, so it would be redundant.

It’s mossborg 500.Not mossborg

I would also recommend making the staffs/prisoners to have a forcefield when respawn cause this can prevent spawnkill entirely instead of trying to intimidate them by telling them they can ban them for spawn killing. Makes everyone jobs easier, cops no need to die multiple times, staffs no need to type that much, criminals can never make anybody rage quit for taht, everybody happy.

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yes i agree, adding more weapons can make the game more fun

I agree there should be a team like riot team

Isn’t ERT the riot team_________________

Like Riot Team would be joinable during a riot, or LD.

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