Adding warnings at inmates

Make it soo that we could put warnings on inmates with a cuff. example: ‘Warning 1: not backing off the yard gate when told to’ and when the person has been warned again they will get a ‘Kill on sight’ on top of their head, or their name will be red. [Prison Inspector+ can use this on correctional staff. (CO, IS/MO, ERT, COMMANDERS, or whatever they can warn.) and they will also be able to warn inmates of course.)


Good idea, but I do not agree with those rank limitations. Warning inmates should be available only for ERT+ and that part with warning staff, I would remove that at all. As if you would be able to do that, you would be able to cuff staff and that would cause major abuse.

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Oh yeah, it should be a tool instead of using a cuff, fixing that now.

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I agree with Vasek_Stolba!

I think It should be COM+
For the Reason that ERT+ abuse a TON.