Addition of an Armoury room?

Staff and officers being spawn killed by servers overrun by criminals is actually quite a large problem. I think adding an invisible wall inside the officer spawn doors would make sense, especially if an armory room was added. It is always cool to see new areas for the first time, especially if they are new to everyone.

In said room, the M4A1 and G17 would likely be available, as well as a possible taser & medkit, as the only way for prisoners/criminals to get the M4A1 is to enter officer spawns, and the G17 is gamepass-only for them.

This room would make officer spawns useless to prisoners/criminals, which would marginally reduce spawn killings. Lastly, the room could easily fit in the space across from the front officer spawn, next to the session room stairs. There seems to be a convenient slot there when viewed from the outside.

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