Adjust the Recoil

@dpimpy I’d like to say, first of all:
Thank you for adding First-Person Mode & adding thinner crosshairs. It’s a major improvement to V2 & it’s pretty sleek that I don’t have to be blinded by that thick crosshair.

However… there are issues with the weapons mostly. I’m fine with Recoil being added since it adds to the realism… but I really don’t like the fact how tuned it is. Lag is partly the issue relating to this, but in gameplay terms… it’s kind of messy.

The G17’s recoil is okay, but could use a bit more tweaking, since the heavier a handgun is, the more recoil energy it will absorb. The G17, is mostly lighter than average due to its synthetic frame, with 9x19 calibers (weighting at least 915 grams).

The M4A1 & AKM otherwise is just plain overkill.

The M4 carbine has low recoil because it fires a rather anemic round, and is over engineered to reduce recoil even further. That is mainly what makes it all the more different than other rifles. The recoil we have in-game looks like we’re just inexperienced & don’t know how to fire it.

As for the AKM… is just… awful. There’s no point in having that weapon if it can’t deliver it shots properly & outclassed by the M4 (which has less recoil).

Please consider this feature request, as it can help everyone a lot.


The glock is fine.
M4A1 is also… ehhh…
My screen camera jumps all the way to mars everytime I shoot, it tries to keep up with the weapon, 8 bullets and you are shooting the damn roof.

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Lol AKM.

Five shots and your shooting at the sky,

Signed, helloo20l - Warden