Admin gamepass update

Hello i would like to tell that i buyed admin commands and i wasnt able to view or pm anyone. Always it pm to me and view command probably viewed me so here is my sugestion: Make that admin gamepass owners can pm anyone and view anyone and give them more commands that can make this gamepass more worth because now i feel like this gamepass is not worth buying. In it to have cape you need to buy another gamepass that allowes you to get cape thats just not worth and not fair for owners of it. Tell me your opinion about it.

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Yes they should add :annouce command

No, it would be mass abused.


Mass abuse so they need to add a strike role 3 strikes of admin abuse and boom they get the admin cmds set to what they are now.

You have to do the command pm (username) (message) and for view It’s view (username) and a then unview