Administrative tool

Make an administrative tool for CP+ that can detain officers excluding the rank CP+, it helps chairpersons to handle cuff abusers and other rule-breakers, and while they are getting detained they can not reset.

Make it CAC+

  1. Cp is buyable rank
  2. FD+ still abuse and even CAC+ do sometimes, maybe make it BoG+ or CoS+
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Those ranks cna already handcuff cause they are in high command

They cant, i agree with @hankschrader911 for making it CAC+ for the following reasons:

  1. Already the HICOMM team which will make it easy to give it to them
  2. CAC is After FD the first decently trustable rank

That’s way to extreme and CP isn’t buyable.

There already a command that called “jail” that can be used by Chief of Staff+ (Board of Governors has access but they do not have permissions to use blacklisted command.). The jail command basically will put specified user in a Jail Block. But yeah it a good idea.

First of all, it isnt, CP-CAC will most likely abuse it, even though CACs wont that much
Second, CP is buyable and idk where you got it from that it isnt buyable

Huh? CP is buyable for like 8k robux.

That should be made for CP+ everytime I try to handle abusers they run away and ignore my PMs all of y’all talking about abusers, there’s always abusers to everything that’s why there’s more than one HR.

CPs would abuse it too much


It might be useful for FD+ for now.

If someone abuses just take a video of it, server ban/vote kick, and report in the intel server.

It isn’t. It used to be but was taken off.


Chairperson is most definitely still buyable. It’s likely that jimmy wont be removing it either as it makes him a lot of money.