AFK blocker on exp

I saw many afk players that stayed 2 hours in one place using probably auto click to don’t get kicked for afk too long. My idea is to add afk blocker that will block player’s exp coming up after 1 min being afk. It won’t be that bad and finally there won’t be afk players. Tell if you agree.


You should vote kick and report them to get them demoted.

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Yes i should do but reporting player on Intel server for only standing in place is not being cared much by other players and sometimes CP+ so afk blocker will block afkers actions and less job for CP+

Maybe if they don’t move around for 10 minutes, they cannot get XP.


It will be great after 6 or 10 minutes it blocks.

Great idea, but most of those use auto clickers/auto movement applications. I don’t think there’s a way to stop this, as players that don’t AFK Farm click when they play, and if AFK farmers click by using an auto clicker, the game would think they are playing the game. I suggest you grab proof of the time/level by getting a screenshot from the start, and a picture when it’s been way over 20 minutes After 20 minutes they should get kicked.

Make a report on this server:

or advise Community Advisory Council+ with valid proof and they’ll do the magic and punish them!


@mallarows - Prison Commissioner

Make something where after a couple minutes it pops up and says “Click here to prove your not AFK farming”.

This is bypassable with a autoclicker, maybe type in a security word which is shown above like this:

You will get kicked if your afk for 20 min.

Not if you use a autoclicker, the game will think your still there while you arent and you can AFK farm the whole time.

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Omg blub why did you like this it was half a year ago. Time flies by so quickly

If you encounter an AFK farmer report them. Unfortunately with autoclickers it doesn’t show them AFK and therefore will have to be manually banned and roblox will not kick them.

IKR, in 2 months its my 1 year anniversary of sv

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Thats already a thing soooooooo

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