All Data (Info You Will Need To Know) || v1.0 || OUTDATED

Why is this created?
This was created because I was bored and the website didn’t have a very good info. But still go to the FAQ for more information.

Why Is The Forums Created
This was created so people can talk about bugs and how some thing can be fixed.

Is there other types of forums?
Yes there are a lot of different types of forums.

Where is the #STATEVIEWPRISON game
The Game Is Here: [CITY🌃] Stateview Prison - Roblox

Where Is The Discord Server?
The discord link is here: Stateview Communications

Where is the appeal server?
The appeal server is here:

Can I Get Promoted Thru A Quiz?
Yes Here: [Fill This Only Once Unless You Wanna Be Rickrolled :slight_smile: Save This To Rickrolled Others if ya want.]
And Here:{localTimestamp} [Real Link]

Will This Ever Be Updated?
Yes Either Weekly, Daily Or Hourly.

Please Don’t Type Or Reply To This Channel Only Like If This Helped You A Little.

This is now outdated with everything in it the new and updated link is here: Game Role/Gaming Data v2.0


Please Don’t Tell me that I did something wrong It takes time and I will update this a lot
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Ranks: All Details For Ranks
Warning System Info: All Details For The Warning Systems

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V1: All Info For V1 Gamepasses, Buyable Ranks

Short Term Text Meanings: All Short Text Meaning And Why It Is Used For