All doors open when electricity is off

I know this will be VERY unpopular but to be realistic, every door opens when electricity is off. This means it’s easy to escape so Guards would have to protect that area.

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That gonna make that game a total HARDCORE. And i Like challanges :slight_smile: + yea, this is making it more realistic. I think they do not gonna add IT because they are thinking that players are too bad.

All doors shouldn’t open. However, you cannot close doors as a compromise.

@Ailsa_061 You just got to turn on electricity.

Turning it on is easy. It’s the issue that almost all of stateview users don’t want that much of a hardcore experience.


idk what abt when the power goes out doors take longer to open, cause they automatic so without power yk they wont work as they should

@mallarows Do you mean a delay between doors opening?

Maybe a cool drill idea for shifts

maybe or they open rlly slow, its like u gotta manually do it

@OfficialToast I like this idea but I agree that some players wont like it. So I believe they should add this but instead of all doors opening, all doors would stop functioning and stay open/closed. Criminals would still be able to open/shut them somehow. I am thinking the criminal would push/pull them open/shut or create a device that would turn the one doors power back on for a limited time of about 10-15 seconds.

@infinitepizza10 like a crowbar to pry open the doors while it’s weak?

Yes. That is basically what I mean.

I mean the doors need keycards, But we don’t have them for guards but we do have them for criminals it would be a great idea and keycards readers need electricity to work so we can have criminals/prisoners open doors and it would make it a challange for guards

Maybe they have a machine (guards) so they can open doors for 15 secs

Being realistic, if the electricity is off, that already means an inmate/criminal is equipped with a keycard and most likely a weapon such as a gun. That already gives the inmate/crim time to release the other inmates, create havoc, send guards into trying to fix power, no electricity means no lockdown and to stunt communication between police forces. If doors also automatically opened, it would be too much of an unfair advantage to the inmate/crim team, and plus, it would likely make many officers grow frustrated and leave.

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All doors would shut and the only way to open them would be with a crowbar

thats like, exactly the same thing. it would also be really unrealistic in two options that I see there would be to implement:

  1. Doors open normally when hit with a crowbar → doesnt make any sense
  2. Doors break when hit → What about when the power gets activated? Will they stay broken?

It would be pulled to the side.

Just won’t break - simple

To be better, u cant close or open the door, Exemple if the dor was open and the energy is shutten dow, u cant close the door the same for closed door, and you would need an manual keycard to open the doors (Like the criminal keycard).