All the reason this Is why hate this update and should revert it to back to the old version

I hate the session cooldown, like bring it back the way it was, instead of people waiting, let’s just say we got life things to do, and we want to host to get to our quota done, or something else. Remove the ability to for anyone to punch people, I’m doing something important, and I get punched to death. Am I the only one or when did they remove faces of trainings like the older FD’s & CP need to reupdate all their notepads since they removed one thing or updated there guide the 1 millionth time. I loved the older version of stateview and I enjoyed that version then this new version, and I hate it that anyone lower then CP can now AA, and not get punished for it, like make it so people get punished for that, instead of giving people "a get out of jail card (Pretty much a free no ban card), At least punish them if they spam REF or RES, instead of not doing anything about,

Sorry had to get this off my back so I can stop thinking about it

Hello, @zack1465 .
I would like to clear up some confusion.
Spamming ANY command with ANY admin will result in a punishment.
Feel free to ping or DM me through discord or here.

Your’s truly and sincerely,
Game Administrator
Trial Event Organizer

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