An unintended 2-minute-max removal feature & raising camera awareness

As it turns out, I never see anybody on cams, very few people (outside of the people here and in the discord) seem to know about them. Maybe a server announcement? Game description addition? I don’t know, but it seems to be a very useful feature that goes overlooked far too often.

Now the part you clicked for - you can remove the 2 minute timer on max/sol inmates. Simply put them in the cell to change the uniform, then take them outside the prison to change their team to criminal. This will remove the timer. You can now place said “inmate” in the max/sol cells, and arrest when you feel like the time is up. The “inmate” will only have one change from that of a max/sol inmate, that being the spawn. If you decide to shoot them, they will respawn at the criminal base, so you would have to be a little careful, but until the current timer is changed or removed, this is an easy way to get around it.

Personally, I think the timer was a good solution to people just leaving random inmates in max/sol forever, but I also feel the frustration it has caused. This method takes a minute or two, so it would take a much longer time to fill those cells with random inmates, which means the response time to this method of abuse would be a lot faster and easier. Plus, you can’t really hide it when you’re bringing someone outside the prison repeatedly.

Nonono bad idea because time consumption is more than the timer for max/sol so definitely not this