An update to make it more fare for people that are broke

Now it has come to my notice that a lot of people don’t have robux so

I was thinking of hiding a knife and knock out the door bye the vent and just make it so that you need a keycard to open the vent

And place a garage in yard and there would be a screwdriver that could open air vents, a hammer so you can craft things and a wood axe :axe: so you can cut down pieces of wood something like this: 10 wood = 1Exp
And so with the wood you can also craft things like ladders to escape the yard and if someone hurts someone with the woodcutters axe you would be sent to max immediately that is my suggestion.


And also make it so you can turn off gun shots.

garage? no screwdiver and another stuff like that yes maybe guards can drop keycards or other stuff but also make it balanced because it isnt prison life and when theres lots of criminals its really hard to get rid of all of them

also i think you should add punching back too Add punching back - #20 by noam

It’s also hard for people with no robux to have fun as an inmate without have to walk for 5 minutes to get out of a prison and have someone arrest you and put the in max.

yeah adding back punching would solve that

I do agree with you with that.

Add punching back - #20 by noam i made a post about it

Ik you did.


Now I would say I agree with this idea but I am afraid some people might say that “this is a role-playing game or say that this is not some sort of prison escaping game” ya i think that they make a criminal role for a reason y’know. Ya so good idea @Dark1

I would say exactly that. If you wanna kill cops play another game and let me tell you what: The rope in the yard is for balamcing purposes and is alreqdy so OP

Just turn your volume off. That would fix that problem. :joy::joy:

Lol that sometimes is but if you wanna listen to something else a boombox or something you can’t because gun shots drown it out.

If you want a gun, escape the prison.