Angry fd to nik

loganerby89 Was big mad at nik the bog for something probably not supervising him or they has some type of argument lol

So many fd gone rip :headstone:

Nik is so nice and cool tho

that is pretty cool browning, but can I get nitro cause you are rich

Just dm me on discord if you want nitro

bet, if you are able to contact SV players, add Orie#6700 :wink:

Can i have it too we’re buddies right :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Yes dm me if you want some free nitro

I should do nitro giveaway every month lol

He actually gave it to me :flushed:
Characters of epicness

Well mate, you think it’s possible to bribe jimmy into letting you back into sv?

Also sad bit, since ruby quit forums and I wasn’t r active for like two days, there’s no one with regular badge anymore (4D_X doesn’t count)

He gave me too :smiley: very nice lol :smiley:

I really don’t know but I don’t think so I will ask someone to come back in a few months more like sir yeet

Omg no one else want nitro I give away free nitro every week Invisible ping me in chat <@931408552164221008>

I might just do it when v3 comes out

My dms are always open for nitro :smiley: simply dm Jonahh#7007 :smiley: :smiley:

Ahhh hopefully you’ll make it back in

Never going to happen if you keep trolling Stateview Players on alt accounts!

I stop that plus I don’t have any Roblox alts account only discord

I have caught 1 person after I got bl claim they where me I can I bypass when I was I work but I tired of arguing with you sir yeet about this topic

I think thats what the bl logs said