Animation Bug with new Stateview gun/tool system

Hello everyone!

Like most of you, when I saw the new stateview update I was pretty excited to see what they have added. When I found out that they redid the gun system, I was pleasently surprised. I love the new gun system. The added detail and polished mechanics are awesome. First person is probably my favorite part, along with the sound effects, like the sound of the bullet soaring past you or hitting something metal and bouncing off. Honestly it is such a great addition to this game. When I myself started testing it out, I noticed a bug right away.

This is a simple visual bug, which makes your character’s arms freeze in a certain position without the tool. Along with the arms, the aiming dot and ammo capacity is still shown even when no tool is equipped.

Where does it occour?
This bug can occour at any time at any place. I believe you only need two tools for this to work, with atleast one being a gun. You can try this out for yourself and test it to the limits, but it is a pretty common bug to come across while using tools.

How to replicate
You can replicate this bug fairly easily. All you have to do is have 2-3 tools. Randomly shoot them and switch between the tools and unequip them. Once you do this for around 3-4 seconds, your arms will be frozen and the UI will remain on your screen. This bug is actually really easy to do and doesn’t require those precise steps. I can see people accidentally duplicating this in the middle of combat, sessions, and pretty much anything here in stateview relating to guns and tools.


Note: In the video, my recording software cut off the sides of the screen, but you can see that even though I have no tools equipped the aiming dot in the center of the screen and the ammo capacity display is still there.

Replication of the bug + Console