Anti Abuse System

We all know that abuse in SV is already bad enough, if we could have something to prevent random killing/arresting then maybe we could prevent so much more abuse. What im picturing is something like the SCP game that says DO NOT ATTEMP TO RANDOM KILL or something like that in the actual game whenever you shoot them. So if its possible to make sure that they cant arrest randomly, for example, if a inmate has a gun but hasnt shot anyone, you cannot frisk them or arrest them. If a inmate has maybe gone into a restricted area then you may shoot/cuff them. NOTE: If they go out of the restricted area they have a timer for 5 seconds before they cannot be cuffed anymore.


They could also make it u cant be frisked unless you have equipped a tool once

(this is my alt so I can reply more) Yes I agree but what if they flash it? I guess they could put a five second timer for that too)

This is a great idea because SOOO many in fact too many ERTs kill abuse and I feel the game scans each player for items like guns or key cards and if they use the gun they can be killed if they don’t they cannot be killed if they have a key card and use it they can be frisked

There needs to be a system that keeps a record of bad things to make sure people dont die when they get shot for inmates


how do you want this to work?
when will it detect?