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Maybe instead of just being noticed for your activity and helping with trainings, wardens can actually apply in a Google Form or in a Form here on this forum to become a Chairperson or something because I have noticed that some people stay as a warden for a really long time and it can be hard to get noticed for your activity by HR’s sometimes, especially with time zones. There could also be an interview process (VC or non-VC) either after you have filled out the Form and been accepted, or you could just request one in maybe a Discord Channel called #requesting-interviews or something along the lines of that. There could be a format like:

Rank: Warden
Interviewer: Any (Or a specific HR’s username)
Time: ASAP (Or any specific time with your time zone included)

Anyway, this is a longshot because I’m pretty sure it’s always been like how it is now in the way of being promoted past Warden.

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Let me guess u just want to be cp. Idk why i guess that but i think its ecause most people want to be cp.

No, if you read it, you would see the reason.

‘I have noticed that some people stay as a warden for a really long time and it can be hard to get noticed for your activity by HR’s sometimes, especially with time zones.’

I am not even a Warden, I am a Deputy Warden that only got my rank last night and still well off from Warden as well as I am still on cooldown for a training for a while.

No, this would cause CAC+ to read a lot of applications, as every warden is going to apply at least once a week, thinking they’ll get CP.

You’re supposed to get CP by hard work, like becoming level 100-125+, getting hardest worker in at least 15 shifts, helped at 5 trainings, and overall game knowledge, respect to both lower and higher ranks, and professionalism, if you make sure you do this, there’s a big change a CAC+ promotes you.
Also we dont want our CP spots to fill up

Blub20074, CAC

Alright, fair enough. Thanks for that.

I did all of that but I am still a warden. (I got banned from stateview communications, the reason said I am underage but I am not, I already made a appeal, it is pending.)

Dd3819 (W)

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Then be more professional, keep attending sessions, make sure to know as much as possible, try to be active in discord and so on.

I am really active on raiding btw :slight_smile:

Thats raiding not helping.


Well, killing criminals, arresting, communicating on radio, being professional, transporting inmates, and more would increase the chance of getting noticed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean tbh if u would be active in session and actually want the promo u would prob get it in a week lmao

It took me 2 months from when I got level 200 lol

Thats how it used to be yes, currently its so easy lol (btw it is getting harder again, but in the past 3 weeks it was so easy)
Mainly due to the facts that:
The game went up in player count, from about 150-250 to 300-600 (and even reaching a peak of 800+), this caused us to need more CP+ to maintain activity, but as there weren’t enough wardens who reached the normal standards, we went promoting people who weren’t really experienced to CP
Also FD & CAC standards went down, some people got from W fo CAC within 1.5 month and even got FD-CAC cooldown bypassed.
Lots of HRs resigned
CAC+ ranking limits were increased a lot

In comparison to me, I did 2 months from W-CP, 1.5 month from CP-FD, and 2 months FD-CAC which is a total of 5.5 months. Also, even my FD-CAC promo was fast compared how it used to be (about 3 months)

And some people have been getting CP at level 60, and FD at 90
In comparison to me; i got CP at 160, FD at 250, and CAC at 325

Also it used to be like 10+ training helpers, 40+ hardest workers, and most of the time level 125-200 for CP, while currently its basically 4+ training helpers, 10+ hardest workers, and level 100+ (if you’re professional & have some discord activity and do patrol logs)

I was lvl 194
In V1 and then it became bobux :confused:

Lol. A CAC wanted to ask if I should get promo in a training once or not but I decided, no.
I around level 243 at the moment by the way, staying at a suitable rank for as long as I want. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why the hell are u reviving a long dead post, and no, this isnt a “good idea” Because as i’ve said before. If i saw a “rank application” sent in i would have the extreme urge to not rank that person.

When you’re truly ready for a rank its when you dont ask for it and when you’re playing stateview for the game and community, not a rank.



If you get 2 helpers a day then you aint here more than a week lol

Ngl that’s kinda hinting. …………

That’s hinting AF (Very hungry Warden)

skoseck - Chairperson