Are Max allowed out of their cells? (Not Yard status)

So there is this PI who said Max can be in the area just outside it, solitary couldn’t.

This is the PI, I failed to capture her saying it tho

No, they aren’t. When there is yard status they should be escorted to maximum security yard. When he is im solitary while lunch they should be on solitary canteen. Othervise they should be on their cell.

@kapi123xd123lol I got a question. How do I post something like this post

Just click on category and then click Button “new topic”.

They (Max and solitary placed inmates) aren’t allowed to roam around cell block. They are supposed to be inside their respective cells until they complete the 2 minutes time that they are supposed to complete.

@UPdawn099 That is unless it’s yard status

Max Yard is not specifically used to transport maximum security inmates. Instead, just leave the inmate inside the Max/Solitary CB as some players would understand this as cuff abuse.

@UPdawn099 It’s not cuff abuse due to the fact you are transferring someone.