argument for criminals

I’ve come up with a lot of ideas for criminals, and now I’m going to list them all:
1- if there are 3+ criminals will activate the radio for criminals
2- Criminals may have grades and in some of these may host sessions for criminals
3- to be able to do criminal sessions
4- bypass the criminal bases, 1 where it is now , 1 in the city and will be the largest inside you will find the criminal session room and finally one of the houses there
5- the ranks I thought are, escaped L.0, criminal L.1, defender L.2, assailant L.4, spy L.9, respected criminal L.20, 7 deputy chief L.48, chief L.70, mafia (session), master(session), deputy mafia (session), mafia boss (creator of the game -JIMMY- plus the two players who came up with this idea -Egyptian piggyITA,Gio_Puma-
6- to host criminal training you must be Master+ , co-host=mafioso , helper=boss
7- to be a host in the criminal shift you have to be mafia+, and there will be no co and helper
8- You know the police level bar, of course it will stay, only when you become escaped+ the bar will change and will be red, and of course you will be at L.0 for escaped etc…
I hope you enjoyed these ideas.

by W-piggyegyptian ITA, W-Gio_Puma

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I have already thought about where it will be done, in the city gas station


this is STS
Immagine 2023-07-24 233343
Immagine 2023-07-24 233208
Green=Host | Purple=Co-host | Yellow=Helper | Pink=supervision (these colours are random, and just to show where these people are staying)

these are the places where people can spec the criminal sessions

(the host will decide who to turn into a policeman between himself, his co-host and his helpers, after the host has chosen the person to be turned into a policeman (and will stand on the red line), they will then call the criminals one at a time where they will have to shoot with their weapon the policeman will try to catch the criminal)

STS=the line for participants and the line for criminal training
the positions of supervisor, Host, co-host are the same as those of criminal training
roles are: criminal(0+)
criminal= go to the prison and make all prisoners escape
assailant= create confusion inside the prison
assassin= kill all the policemen you see in the prison
captain= make sure all these people do their job
note 1 = all these people will have to write down how the situation is going on in the radio riminal: (roles) text
note 2 : if there is a cop session going on in the prison you are asked not to disturb, but to continue doing your assigned job


when the host or supervisor activates a green button, all criminals must kill all policemen even if there is a session in progress
note: only then can a session in progress be disturbed (there will be not only this moment but others that I am still creating)

Stateview Criminal Training Guide

Stateview Correctional Facility

Step 1 - Setup

  • Find a Co-Host (Maximum is 2

, Must be mafia+)

  • Find Helpers, (Maximum is 1, Must be Chief+ & verified in both main/admin servers).

  • You must have at least 6 attendees to begin.

  • Failed criminal trainings will not count towards quota.

  • Claim a hosting spot through bloxcord and follow the instructions given. (More information on how to use the bloxcord session interface

  • for the supervision or the host write this " He is starting a criminal training, come you too, there is the possibility of being promoted (? ?) (for example (1 3))

  • Host/Co-Host Requirements

  • Must be professional at ALL times.

  • Must use grammar at ALL times.

  • Must respect ALL trainees.

  • Must maintain a decent pace.

  • Remove any rule breakers from the training.

  • Deputy mafia + may host without a supervisor.

  • Master must have a supervisor, ranked Deputy Mafia or higher.

  • Supervisors that supervise criminal trainings, are mandated to be present for the whole session


STS on the Host/Co-Host instructional line

Host: Hi guys! My name is [Name], my rank is (rank) and I will be happy to be your host!

Co-Host: Hello! I am [Name], your co-host, and I welcome you to this criminal training.

[The host/co-host may select their own greeting/introduction. However, it must be appropriate]

Host: Before we begin, I will list some rules that you will have to respect in order to pass this session!


I - You must call me and my Co-Host by our ranks at all times.

II - Do not go AFK (Away From Keyboard) or say PTS (Permission To Speak) while I am speaking, during this criminal training. This will result in warnings

III - You must be respectful to everyone at all times. Not following this will result in a removal of the criminal training and a demotion/suspension.

IV -If there is any problem, please contact me, my Co-Host or any other Mafia+ assistant. You must not ask us for a promotion/rank, otherwise you will be removed immediately.

V - Trolling in any form is unacceptable! Grammar must be used throughout this training. Trolling or not using grammar will result in a strike or instant removal of this criminal training.

VI – The PTS is active unless otherwise stated. Speaking without authorisation will result in a warning.

Training Information

This criminal formation consists of four sections: questions, attack, scenarios and combat.


Host/Co Host: Let us now move on to the questions. In this phase, I will test you on your grammar and knowledge skills. Each of you will receive a private message containing three questions.

Host/Co Host: To begin with, I will send you privately 1 message containing three answers.

  1. Inviare via PM (messaggio privato) ai tirocinanti due tre ciascuno. Possono essere le stesse domande per ogni tirocinante.
  2. The questions must be answered; if the answers are incorrect or contain many grammatical errors, the test will not be passed.
  3. Participants have to answer with grammar each time.
  4. The host may pick from the examples listed below, or create their own with approval from the current session-supervisor.

You may choose four of the following questions to send to the participants, or you may propose your own questions (they must be approved by the supervisor of the current session or a mafia boss).

Question Examples:

  • what do you do if you see a corrupt policeman?
  • what do you do if there is a policeman camping in the criminals’ spawn?
  • what would you do if you saw a criminal having hacks?
  • what do you do if you see a criminal who is not mafia+ start a criminal training or criminal shift?
  • what do you do if you see a policeman?



At this stage the host or supervisor will activate ‘IT IS TIME FOR THE ATTACK’ all criminals must go to the prison (for 4 minutes)

[The host will keep the participants in the session room until the green button is activated. Once started, participants will begin to clear and attack the structure].

Host/Co-Host:Next, please listen carefully to the explanation of the section.

Host/Co-Host: In a few seconds, ‘IT IS TIME FOR THE ATTACK’ will be activated. In the process, all participants will have to go and attack the prison and free it.

Host/Co-Host: You will have four minutes to clear and attack the facility and escort all prisoners in the direction of the exit. In addition, you must maintain proper communication for the duration of the section

Host: Does anyone have any questions before starting this section?

it is possible to finish this section if the entire prison has been cleared of criminals

[The Co-Host shall activate the green button]

Once Finished. Please call attendees to the Session Room for further instruction.

h All participants in the ongoing criminal training are requested to return to the criminal sessions room for further instructions.”

Immagine 2023-07-24 233343

Scenarios are demonstrations of how to handle a situation in a roleplaying environment. The session’s attendees are mandated to participate and shall be tested on their comprehension and correctness.

You are permitted to use the following scenario examples listed below, or you may make up your own (if approved by the current session-supervisor or mafia boss.)

The supervisor of the current session MUST be present throughout the training. Failure to be present will result in disciplinary consequences.


  1. Cop Abuser : Report to an HR+ or modcall
  2. Camper Cop: Modcall or Mafia deputy boss +
  3. Cop Disrespect - Report to a HR+, report it in intel, or modcall.
  4. Using hack - modcallHelper Notice: (if you want to add a new example tell a mafia boss)


  • The participant should not actually kill the helper.
  • The supervisor must turn the helper(s) into a policy.
  • The participant must remain inside the red box during the scenarios, if it fails this section. You and the participant are allowed to move inside the box.
  • Note for helper:if the criminal kills you he will not pass the test, instead he will have to say -kill- if it is necessary

Host/Co-Host: We are now moving onto Scenarios! In this phase we are testing you on your knowledge of the rules, comprehension, grammar, and question correctness- in addition to your knowledge with equipment!

Host/Co-Host: Before we move forward, I’d like to address three important rules to pass this section.


  1. DON’T kill cops. (Just say -kill-)
  2. DO NOT step outside the red box.
  3. The tools allowed for this section are MP5 and keycard. Using other tools will result in failure.

Host/Co-Host: Now please split up into 2 equal groups on the lime lines along the room.

We ask that the helper stands on one end of the box, while the attendee stands on the opposite side.


Once Finished. Please put attendees in an STS formation in the criminal Session Room for further instruction.


  • Make a straight line in the criminal session-room, towards the back of the session-room on the purple statement line(s).
  • You will then call each attendee into the accuracy testing-room, furthermore proceeding with instruction.
  • Please note Players who must hit a policy ( which may be a helper the co-host or the host) - if the policy takes him that criminal is not pssato if the criminal kills the policeman that his evidence is passed, the policy may have a gun, handcuffs and the taser.
  • once the fight is done the participant will have to go to the original line
  • It may be helpful to expedite checking staff-cooldowns during this section, as it usually takes the longest.

Host/Co Host: Now we are moving on to the phase of engagement! At this stage we will test your accuracy, aiming, listening and fighting skills!

Host/Co-Host: Your task here is simple, you will be located in a line, you have to fight against the policeman , please listen to these rules:

Host/Co-Host: 1 -you can’t use hacks or admin to win this test

2- You cannot insult the opponent

3- Don’t let the cop catch you

Host/Co-Host /helper : (Username) follow me to start a workout.



Concluding the Criminal Training

  1. Quando hai finito con la fase di combattimento si allinea tutti i tirocinanti alla stessa linea .
  2. You will then tick “passed” on Bloxcord for attendees having passed at least 3 phases.
  3. Once passers are confirmed you will head over to the “ranking” section and promote the ones that are off cooldown.
  4. The hosting team will then go over to the “grading” section and grade each other.
  5. Remember to use the correct format when logging (Found in #training-logs’ Pins) and the promotions if there are any are to be logged in #promotion-logs.

Host: We have now completed all phases of the training! In a few minutes, I will announce the passers. During this time feel free to chat amongst yourselves (PTS inactive).

Announce the Passers

Host: If you have been promoted from this training, you will have a cooldown ranging from 3 days – 1 week. Please check with us if you’re unsure!

Host: This is the end of the Training! It has been an honor and a joy being your host today!

This is the end of training! It was an honor and a joy to be your guest today! ( we ask you to exit the criminal session room)

Co-Host: I as well, want to say it was amazing being your co-host today! You all did great! All dismissed!

h The training is now over! Passers please say !rejoin to be able to see your new ranks! All dismissed from the criminal session room!"




ty for read my criminal training guide

It will be difficult as you have to escape then host a session and avoid getting arrested

no, there will be commands on purpose

then there will also be the command to close the criminal session

This sounds like an excellent idea but I don’t know how it would really work with like an extra server or extra channels in the discord for criminal sessions or something? Also with the rank order I am not sure how it will fit