Arresting/killing inmates is counted as not allowed in restricted areas by the bot?

Description: I have found that the bot which is meant to stop people from gun/cuff abusing, also damages/arrests you for arresting/shooting inmates that have actually crossed into a restricted area without pulling out a tool.

How often does it occur: 100% of the time, or whenever an inmate has been damaged/arrested in a restricted area without a tool.

Where does it occur: It occurs everywhere when an inmate is arrested with the requirements for the bug to happen.

How to reproduce: Arrest/damage any inmate that has NOT used a tool and is in a restricted area.

Video: Bug - YouTube (In the video I only show it with cuffs, however, it will do the same thing with a gun and on a larger scale. I will also arrest you for 5 minutes automatically after you arrest an inmate 4 times even in a restricted area.)

You’re not suppose to arrest/damage a inmate that has entered a restricted area, you’re suppose to cuff then and bring them back to the status