Automated Solitary/Max System for Logging and Avoiding Solitary/Max

Two of the most common punishments given in game are logging (leaving while in cuffs) and avoiding solitary/max (whether through switching teams, rejoining the game, etc.). The punishments given, especially for logging, I find are too harsh. For reference, logging is an immediate gban and avoiding solitary/max for staff is a 3 day suspension or demotion then a demotion and a gban for non-staff. In regards to just appeal it, there are a bunch of people who play the game who are not able to use Discord, whether it is because they are too young or some other reason, so they will not be able to appeal these punishments.

While there can be proposals to change the rules, I believe that a dev update would be the best way to remedy this issue. The following additions/changes would occur:

  1. You cannot switch teams while in solitary/max. This prevents the changing teams portion and should be easy to add.
  2. Leaving while in solitary/max will save the time that you have left (and which of the two you are in). When you rejoin, the main menu will only allow joining the inmate team where you will be sent to solitary/max for the remaining time. Or, it could allow you to click any team but every button will team and send you to solitary/max until that time expires, where you can then change teams. This might be a little bit more involved than the first change but it shouldn’t be too difficult.
  3. Leaving while in cuffs will automatically sentence the player to a 4 (?, change if felt necessary, this is just an example) minute sentence in solitary (or max, doesn’t really matter). This makes sure they serve a punishment for leaving in cuffs without that punishment being a 7/30/270/360+ day ban. If the second change is added, this should be pretty easy to add.

Once added, the logging and avoiding solitary/max rules would be phased out as they would be unnecessary. They are currently quite harsh and punished for quite frequently and a feature like this I believe would be best in order to substitute as a more fair punishment.


You should change it to like when they leave in Soli or max then they get a extended period of time in soli/max

But I think this has been suggested tho

This is already a feature, I once got kicked by BloxCord and when I rejoined I was in Maximum again. However, I’m not 100% sure as BloxCord is supposed to bring you back to the position you were in before getting kicked.

thats only if you were intentionally disconnected by bloxcord, this happens if your server is being ddossed, your connection is too instable etc. bloxcord will then take you to the same position, for manually leaving it doesnt tho

Oh okay.

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I also thought of this addition being added:
When you leave the game in cuffs/solitary/max, you would automatically be sent to solitary/max and frisked to prevent rejoining to regain tools to escape solitary/max.

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I agree but there are abusers that puts you in sol or max but you didn’t do anything, so you have to wait 2 minutes because of an abuser.

I made a suggestion about the same thing, only that they add those features to STOP them from logging.

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This is a good idea for abusers because it encourages them to not leave, if they don’t want max and leave anyway then they still maximum, this is a really good idea.