Automatic Callsigns

I’ve seen a lot of people with callsigns similar to the following:
bb,” etc.

I think callsigns should be automatic based on rank and level.

For example, if someone was a level 12 Commander, their callsign would automatically be “COMM12”
if someone was a level 50 Deputy Warden, their callsign would automatically be “DW50”,
this could go on forever, and for all roles.

Please consider this!


Thid would be great, i also really like the level addition.

so Sila would be CWOTB1090? lol good idea

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Lol, sila is pro. (Just promoted me to Chairperson hehe)

No it would be CP(level) not whatever you said

Sila is a ChairWomam Of The Board, and her lvl is 1000+, so it would be CWOTB1090

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Yea i agree bc some people dont pick apporiate ones…

Yes, good idea. This can also prevent people using innapropiate call signs.


I think they should make it so warden- have forced callsigns and above, they can chnage them (because cp+ are trusted)

Yes! Some person who understands

Definitely, because I’ve just dealt with a commander that had the BDT callsign lol.

Pls add this into stateview because i saw a ERT with a 911 callsign

Maybe make them so that they must do their call signs in a specific order like : x-xx or xx-x smt like this

I fully agree with this, I’ve always been adding my callsign like this.

  • Roblox_Superfan9977, Warden

yes and it makes me so mad people who do that because i’m a warden and they don’t listen to me

This is a great idea, because this will prevent people from using meme/unwanted callsigns and you don’t have to waste time setting up your callsign

that is a good idea i have to agree with you i have seen people not using their normal callsigns

This will be implemented. Thank you for the suggestion!

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