Badboy67663 traning (unofical)

Host must be w+ comm+ can cohost
Host: Am [name] I hosting todays shift.
Cohost: Am [name] I cohost shift.
Host: we go over rule ok
Host: No talking with no pts. No abuse. Please talk in chat. No mean.
Host: Cohost will now give rolle
Rolle givened
Host: Am now talking about rolle
Host: Patrol is patrol prison
Host: Reponse is respond prison call
Host: Scout is prison scouting
Host: Captain is leader of team
Host: cam-op is watching cam
Host: Before shift start am say something
Host: Shift is [Shift]
Host: Communicate team! Use [role] text on radio 2
Host: Are dismissed go
shift end
Host: h go back session room shift people
Host: Shift is over am saying hard worker for promotion
Host: [Names] Congrats!
Host: badboy63676 made this training thank you badboy
Host: You are promoted type !rejoin to get rank
Host: Thank you for joining shift. Dismissed shift team
co-Host: Thank you for joing shift. Dismissed shift team.

Bro where is the grammar, where is half the info…

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Okay. This is kind of funny but, since you are a Superintendent it is very unprofessional to make this big childish no grammar topic in the forums. Please remain more professional and use grammar.

“Regular” in the forums
Stateview Chairperson

no one really uses grammar in forums :skull:


Grammar is better than no grammar.

I can’t comment…

Are you for real?

I wish that there was a dislike button just for this post.

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Rude :rage:

Stop being a kid bud…