Balance for Criminals

This is a simple yet important feature. Let criminals spawn with their tools instead of having them getting it on their own. This can prevent camping.

This would make the game less realistic, but eaiser.

Or just put the weapon place next to the spawn.

I think spawning them closer to whepons would be a good idea.

This suggestion is completely not needed, as it will make inmates not able to achieve Criminal team, which I am sure that 90% of Inmates would like to escape from the prison and would like to become a criminal to raid the prison.

Hope you see the problem,

I dont get what you are saying. We are saying that the spawn should be closer to the gun area in the city.

The guns is already next to spawn.

Dd3819, Warden

I made that reply 4+ months ago, the city got an update recently :roll_eyes: