Barriers at Control Room for -ERT

Hello Stateview community!

I think we should add barriers at the Control room because it can be very frustrating when -ERTs come in and refuse to leave. Although admins are pretty active, there will certainly will be servers lacking any admins. This feature will stop any annoying, abusing and obnoxious staff who aren’t willing to be committed

Sincerely, Gabe


No need, vote kicks are sufficient.

Hello GrumpyCool_Boy,
I love & gate your suggestion at same time, but CO+ can still be in the room, to go out in the Cell Block. They cannot be there to stay in there, but they can pass the room. They could add so CO-ERT couldn’t turn on the LD & play with the lights. The problem isn’t they’re in there, but they abuse the controls.

Valdemarcrafter - FD

Do you mean like some invisible wall rank locked to commander+? (like some wall where the only commander+ can go through, and for MOs - ERT it would act just like a wall)? That would be cool. For the post from @Valdemarcrafter , there are many other ways to exit cell block, and this is almost not used at all. I agree with GrumpyCool_Boy.

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