Basement Update Idea | Inmate Revamp Suggestion

There could be a huge inmate revamp with the inclusion of tasks for the basement. Basically this would work with three new statuses such as workout, laundry, and mining which would be a way to improve the roleplay experience. Adding on, the mining could be a new escape out of the prison allowing them to mine a certain part of the basement with a pickaxe that is automatically equipped once entering the mining room which would open a travel route to the sewer system allowing an escape.

Jobs (Laundry, mining, etc) in the basement
A new hallway which connects all inmate spawns to the basement which inmates are allowed to freely walk
Jobs earn money which you can use to buy temporary contraband from an arms dealer (e.g. One laundry load = $10, then for a temporary M4A1, $50, temporary glock for $20 and keycard for $10)


good idea bc this is so useful, mid, hot, good

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What can I say? Fur said it all.

This is the best idea ever. :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:

very good idea this would make up for the havoc cased by the new punching mechanic.

W idea, if you can purchase temporary weapons then no need for gun drops from dead players which seems awesome to me

That very good ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Best idea @fntjoshyy !! Kinda :hot_face: . This must be added!

@jimmy @SirYeet

I think this would be a good idea!! It would be fun in the workout add doing certain exercises can make punches stronger for your character and target practice for the aim if you do it a lot you get better aim from the game??

W idea will add more role play and add more tasks to the game

That is such a good idea that would give people more motivation to be inmate

Great idea, but the prices would have to be higher

Don’t revive dead posts please

This sounds fun, but wouldn’t it be a bit overpowered for inmates

No it wouldn’t. Another game has it but I can’t remember the name

Ah. It’s Life Sentence. That’s the game I’m thinking of