Basic Admin for SI+

Make it so that SI receives the following admin commands:


It will make evidence gathering for tickets much easier.


With view, unview and PM I agree.


This has been tried before, it it didn’t work out well. I believe that because there is no limit to the amount of SIs, this will end up in a large amount of abuse. Possibly for CP+ due to a limit in place, but not for SI+.

Facility Director


Just get gamepass admin, it has most of these if not all commands listed here.

Yeah, but I think the thing that most abuse came from the fact that they gave SI+ the :h command, which is easily abused, and that they gave W+ the permission to cuff lower ranks and fire them.

  • SchoneBiene, SI, GA

I agree with you

Overseer Command

This has already been tried before. Receiving the rank SI is not really very difficult and admin commands can easily be abused. It might make it easier to gather evidence, but it could also be used for unfair game advantages. Just because it makes reporting easier does not mean you should get commands.