Being able to down people after an amount of damage taken

Make Infirmary staff more useful, Medical officers/Infirmary staff would be able to revive people that was downed and also let ERT+ (or just ERT and Medical Officers) should be able to help someone up with bandaging them or just carry them, add a medical tools like bandage, tourniquet, blood bag, etc (Blood Bag is for MO/IS). The reason i want this is soo that it would be easier to arrest a criminal or arrest a Max security inmate not having to frisk them again while they have a gun gamepass (I do not know Max Security spawn with their gamepasses.) And also make the medical bay usefull since it will be required for helping both downed staff and criminals (CO+ must frisk them soo when the downed criminal/prisoner wakes up, they wont just get their gun. soo that add a frisk tool and wont need to cuff somebody to frisk them.) and also remove the downing when no Infirmary Staff is in the server, the downed persons screen should be very blurry.


Or you can just taze them one shot and there on the floor and they can’t shoot ya

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Good Idea, I Think They Shall Add That.

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