Being AFK in-game, reportable?

So, I don’t mean this ever happened to me but are you able to get reported if you are, for example AFK in game while watching YouTube?
I already forgot to leave the game while watching YouTube and 10 minutes later I still had the same amount of XP before, so you can’t grind while on another tab. So, if you are on another tab for like 15 minutes, can you still get reported for grinding even tho you don’t get any XP?

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If there is a tag beside your name saying: “AFK” In blue righting you can see that the player doesn’t have the ROBLOX window open/the game… Also you should turn off your game while watching youtube as it would be considered AFK Farming. To answer your question, yes you can be reported if you dont react quickly enough, you would be considered AFK Farming.

skoseck - Chairperson | Appeals Department

So, I can get reported even if I have the tag besides my name saying AFK? Because you can’t get any XP when that tag is there.



Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s pretty dumb ngl.

Just don’t be AFK and you will be good!

Alright I guess even tho it’s pretty dumb to get reported for AFK-grinding if you don’t even get any XP.

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No having AFK tag doesnt give you xp why would that be AFK farming its literally there to prevent afk farming why would it be punishable

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