Better VK system

There are several reasons why I do not like the VK system.

  1. When you need to VK someone but criminals keep killing you.
  2. The reason is always tagged.
  3. Random VK.

I’m planning instead of the VK in the office, make it somewhere close to the ERT spawn so it would be easier to get to. Next instead of someone writing a reason make the VK have limited choices, for example the VK would only give you several reasons to Vote kick just to make sure some people won’t vote kick you for rules that don’t even exist. They would also be required to agree to a agreement provided in the VK to make sure they have evidence so if a person is falsely kicked they could contact HR and they could ask for evidence from vote kicker.

Just switch to IS team.

Omg no, if they would be able to select choices so many VKAs wouldn’t be catched

  1. Change to IS team.
  2. That’s safe chat.
  3. Report it and profit.