Big cars should have 4 seats + Criminal big cars

Big cars should be able to transport 4 persons(driver included) because theyre bigger,obviously.Also,criminals can also have their own big cars which spawns would be at city or even at criminal base.

I cant find any suggestion like this yet tho?

If a suggestion is about the same general thing (like cars) obv u can make a feature request

Jerry I’m getting a theme from you, you dont actually read their messages do you? Blub just said that its fine if there are posts on a general topic and you make one thats more specific, and your response is to show that there are general topics on it…

We usually put #searchbar on session pings or things that flood forums because there are 100 of those requests while this is genuinly a specific request i cant find in its form already existing on this forum

You admitted to being stupid by makin this tho

deletes posts
(Gib me more characters because am want)

How are you regular and Jonah’s not!!!

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Oh wait you have like 3 alts"…….,….

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