Block Max/Solitary areas from COs and MOs

It’s been a problem for a while that COs and MOs won’t stay out of Max or Solitary. I feel like a simple solution would be to block those roles from entering any Max/Solitary areas. If they aren’t allowed in those areas then they shouldn’t be allowed to enter in the first place. Letting them enter these areas usually causes more harm than good, this would also be a good way for COs/MOs to know they can’t mess around with max inmates.

100% agree. Just add there invisible wall where only ERT+ and inmates (as inmates are just rioting and can go there, also ERT+ can put them there) can go through and done. Same to the city, add wall where only criminals and CP+ can go through and done. It is not that hard.

With the city I would have to agree BUT if there’s going to be a wall make it so Warden+ can go in. But CP+ can have a command that makes the wall to go away.

W+ in city? There will still be some who are just gonna arrest people in there.

There is not at least one reason for the warden to be in the city, it should be CP+.